Dr.Michael Wooten


"Dr. Rod French is a superb coach with a talent for keeping conversations focused on greater concerns. During our sessions, he listened, reflected on statements I made, then returned the focus of our thinking to people, principles, and purpose. I felt confident in our ability to discuss problematic issues objectively. Our work together helped me deal effectively with the significant national leadership challenges presented by the pandemic, by cyber-security threats, and by severe constraints on the U.S. economy. Rod is a trusted advisor, and I appreciated his thoughtful reflections."


Julian Boykin Sr.

President Acquisition Consulting Experts, LLC

My name is Julian Boykin and I'm the President of Acquisition Consulting Experts, LLC. I would like to thank 365 Elite Coaching, LLC. for helping me become a better leader and showing me how to motivate my employees. As a young millennial business owner, my biggest challenge was trying to manage and lead my employees. I managed about 25 employees, which are mostly baby boomers, and getting them to accept leadership from a young person was quite a challenge. Under the coaching techniques of 365 Elite Coaching, LLC., I was able to follow their strategic plan of leadership and it has helped me tremendously. I can't thank them enough for helping me become a better leader and communicator. I highly recommend anyone looking to learn the latest techniques on how to become a better leader or if you're looking to be a better motivator, this is the company that can show you how it's done.-